Настоящим сообщаем, что «СКМ Индустрия» вновь принимает заказы на производство патронов калибра 12/65. Данные патроны имеют снаряд дроби весом 31 г., и производятся на Французских или Российских порохах.
Пыжи с контейнером или без контейнера.
По заказу обращаться по телефону +7 903-792-14-55.
все новости

The company "SCM Industry" was established in 2002 in the territory of shooting complex "Sporting Club Moscow", and the company took the first letters of its name "SCM" from this title. However, the idea of production was based on the following principles:


Corresponded quality

Main world trends

At the initial stage, the production was limited by the manufacture of cartridges 12 caliber, both standard 12/70 and Magnum 12/76.

However, since 2005 the company started production of cartridges 16 and 20 calibers.

Building on the experience of the world's best manufacturers, "SCM Industry" is the first and, to date, the only company that has experience in the production of steel shot cartridges.

As of today our product range includes about 60 types of cartridges available in the market every day, and unlimited possibilities for the production of cartridges in 12, 16 and 20 calibers with the characteristics upon request.

For big batches, we offer marking on the cartridges at the request of the customer; it can be name, logo or any other optional image.